Manuela has been very patient and explains things very well. I would absolutely recommend her as a Spanish tutor. I have learned so much from her.

-Karen Borland

I had tried various ways to learn Spanish before approaching Manuela. I have found her to be an excellent supportive tutor. Her lessons are delivered with encouragement and lots of patience. Backed up by printed literature to recap at your own leisure between lessons. I feel I have progressed further than I ever expected, thanks to her excellent tuition and method of delivery.

-Pete T.

Manuela is a great tutor. She is really patient and understanding. She is happy working at my pace, always prepared for my lessons and has great resources. Highly recommended.


Hola 🙂 I have been studying with Manuela since 2018. Manuela is very professional, friendly, understanding, organised, punctual and reliable. Also she provides all the resources and support. Really enjoying my lessons with her, and definitely I will continue lessons. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for assistance with Spanish. Couldn’t imagine better tutor!


I would highly recommend Manuela for her Spanish lessons. She is very patient and I look forward to the lessons each week. I have learnt and understood a lot more than I expected in a short period of time.


As a mature student, I have found that Manuela extremely patient, which is fortunate for me. She will constantly pick up on the finer grammatical details and is tireless to explain her subject. Her punctuality is second to none.

-Nick Staley

Manuela is a wonderful tutor, who has helped my wife and I improve our Spanish immeasurably. Our grammar, vocabulary and confidence has all come on in leaps and bounds. Manuela is friendly, patient & professional and we could not ask for a better teacher.

-Richard Plump

I have been having lessons with Manuela for almost 3 years. I find the format of the lessons very effective as it encourages me to speak and tests my comprehension. I am not a great fan of the grammar, but with Manuela’s teaching methods I am able to learn it gradually. She is very patient and certainly makes me feel at easy, which is very important when learning the language. The lessons are very pleasant and homework interesting and varied.

-Ewa Hardwick

Excellent teacher! Manuela has enabled me to become much more confident when speaking and listening to Spanish. I enjoy the tasks and find Manuela's explanations of grammar very helpful. Everything feels personalised to my level. I like the reading and listening exercises which relate to Spanish life and culture. As an adult learner I can highly recommend this service.


Very patient and understanding.

-Mike Kirkby

I've been having lessons with Manuela for many years which speaks volumes in itself. She is very patient and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.

-Robert Kerr

I have been having lessons with Manuela for over a year now and my Spanish has really progressed, especially the speaking part. Her lessons and homework are always looking to introduce new topics and review and consolidate previous topics. She is very reliable, her lessons are very good value for money and moreover, she is a lovely person to talk with.

-Pauline Chidlow

Manuela’s classes are well structured with lots of varied and interesting materials. It’s great to have a native Spanish speaker to practice with. Manuela moves on at the students pace and is great at explaining a rule in many different ways until we understand. Classes are fun and informative. Really enjoy our lessons !

-J K

Manuela is a brilliant Spanish tutor applicable for all students, beginner to advanced. She is very knowledgeable, has great learning resources and is very patient. Learning from a Spanish native is invaluable for learning subtleties like expressions, culture, etc. Highly recommended.

-Richard Pearce

I have enjoyed many hours of tuition with Manuela, always patient and polite, very rewarding and informative. Providing a learning experience and for me, a greater awareness of the Spanish language and its culture.

-Nick Staley

Highly recommend Manuela to anyone looking for Spanish tutor.

-Dennis Fretwell

Excellent teacher

-Phil Adams

Manuela is very lovely person. She is a great tutor: every week she has got very good materials for me and my husband to use, and she is very patient for us :-). I would recommend Manuela to anyone who is looking for a Spanish tutor (very good contact).


I am enjoying my lessons with Manuela. She is well prepared each week, and is very patient with me and my bumbling Spanish


My daughter Morgan has really struggled with the transition from GCSE to A level Spanish and the 2 tutorials so far have given her a real boost and improved her confidence, Manuela is very pleasant and easy to get along with, her teaching methods are great and Morgan has understood everything shes taught and is making good progress I would highly recommend her for any other students

-Toni S.

Had a couple of lessons now (myself, husband and our daughter) and we are so impressed with Manuela. She is a fantastic tutor, very friendly and makes learning Spanish a lot easier than we thought. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn or improve the Spanish language.

-Naomi H

Manuela is very punctual and extremely patient. The lessons are well structured with a recap and review of homework from the previous session. The lessons are delivered in a very relaxed style with plenty of encouragement. The hour goes so quickly, but a lot is delivered to give a a good appreciation of the subject. Due to the delivery style, I am picking up the language and feeling much more confident than when I first started. Thank you Manuela.

-Vijay P.

Been having lessons for approx. 6 weeks love every minute of it Manuela is easy to learn from and I really enjoy our lessons nice to have a teacher who is Spanish and doesn't laugh at me every time I say the wrong word !

-Lee D.

I can't recommend Manuela Spanish lessons enough! She's understanding of my learning speed and I feel like I improve every lesson. On top of that, she's puntual and she's got great humour! I'm making genuine progress and, thanks to Manuela, I'm really engaged with Spanish language.

-Todd G.

My daughter is really enjoying her Spanish lessons with Manuela and has even been re-inspired in the subject. She's come on leaps and bounds already (3 lessons in). Thank you so much, Manuela.

-Amanda D.