Manuela Evans, Spanish Tuition Services

Guiding You to Master the Spanish Language

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Learning to speak Spanish will allow you to communicate and explore the culture in 21 countries.

The key to learn the Spanish language is, in my opinion, motivation and persistence and with practice, effort and perseverance it is very much an enjoyable and achievable goal.

We will work our way from the very basics to a good understanding of conversational Spanish. If you are a fluent speaker, we will develop your knowledge and skills incorporating local and specific vocabulary, strengthening the grammar and  listening to the language in films and media, reading Spanish novels , researching the culture..

My goal is to teach the Spanish language and culture to anyone willing to learn about it. I achieve this by creating personalized curricula based on your individual needs, ensuring that you enjoy the lessons, practicing what we study, making it "real" and making progress based on your own abilities.