Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will it take me to be able to speak properly or understand Spanish?.

A: This all depends on the time you have to commit,  both self study and determination are the key to progress.

      Starting with basic simple singular words and phrases, once the rules are understood, move you into a more deeper aspect and

      understanding of the language.

      Also everyone that chooses to make this kind of investment in themselves have different goals.

      Each lesson is tailored to your learning speed, with  constant revisiting to previous learned content so in a matter of weeks

      the simple basic interaction become more and more complex and structured.

      Confidence is also built up over time along with more in depth structures of the language in both speaking and listening.


Q: Do I need to buy books and pay extra for audio tapes to use?.

A: No. All the materials are supplied along with selected recordings when the time is right. With today’s technology it

      has never been simpler.


Q: Are you able to help in preparing my child for their main exams in areas they are struggling in?.

A: Yes. I teach students form all backgrounds alongside the school curriculum at all stages, focusing on both weaknesses and

     strengths and extra understanding of struggling areas.


Q: Do you supply homework if i only have 1 hour a week lessons?.

A: Yes. Homework is given after every lesson which focuses on the contents that were covered. This is an important part of

     the learning which works alongside the  hours of lessons you choose.