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Private Spanish Tutor and Translation Services

I teach language lessons to students aged 11 and up. I provide extra support for those studying towards a teaching qualification such as GCSE or A level.

The lessons are also for adult learners who want to develop their own language skills either in preparation for a holiday in a Spanish speaking country or for work purposes.

My approach involves structured learning at its simplest form. I will be preparing lessons that are tailored according to each student’s purpose and skills. Homework will be given every week and your progress will constantly be monitored and reviewed. Rest assured, however, that the pacing will depend on you.

I teach Spanish, oral expression and comprehension, Spanish vocabulary and written comprehension, Spanish for GCSE, A level, adult education, A1, A2, B1, B2 (beginner, intermediate and upper intermediate).

Based in Calverton, Nottingham  I can conduct my services at the comfort of your own home or any place that is comfortable or convenient for you, within the boundaries of Nottinghamshire. Each session costs £20 per hour. Reduced Rates for extended lesson can be arranged.

Other Services

I also provide translation and interpretation services from English to Spanish. I currently work as a volunteer translator for several NGOs.

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